Common helpline numbers in kerala may be busy sometimes. Its because of the calls from various places at the same time. So i am sharing some other contact numbers for people in thrissur (they respond quickly even for messages)….


  • Volunteer 1 – ‭+91 98954 04764‬
  • Volunteer 2 – ‭+91 97457 07246‬
  • Volunteer 3 – +‭91 88912 27926‬
  • Navy team – +91 731-0257815‬
  • Sqn. Leader trustin Jacob –
  •                         +91 866-7050669‬
  • M Darshan  – +91 94830 26212‬
  • Police assistance‭ –
  •                           +91 9497996978
  •                            +91 9497990083
  •                            +91 9497981247

Thank you for all those who are working hard for the survival of people in kerala. They are the real heros….


Published by Nabeela

Hey.... Its me, nabeela.... I am trying to find a way to share my observations in my blog.... In my life I had gone through lots of emotional drama that made the way I am now.... so what I have to say is "whenever you get frustrated with your life, just slow down. Things will change eventually. Stay calm and breathe...."

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