Lipstick that feels like butter….

Hello friends…. Recently I had bought a lipstick named “NYX soft matte lip cream, in the shade SMLC01 AMSTERDAM.” So I want to share my experience with the product….. So lets get started….


It is a 0.27 fl. oz./ 8 ml tube. The color on the tube looks like a dark red shade.


But don’t get confused by that. The actual color is lighter than that.


The lipstick have an applicator and I liked that because it glides nicely on the lips.


The texture of lipstick is like butter which is soft and smooth. So we literally feel like applying butter. The color of the lipstick is bright red with pink undertones on applying.


It gives good coverage to the lips and it is suitable for medium toned and fair people. It goes with bright and dark colored costumes. The color enhances our look from dull to fresh appearance. And it did not cause cracks or lip bleeding. If you have problem with cracking of lips and you think you can’t use any matte lipstick…. Then try this lipstick and you will change your mind. Since it is a matte lipstick, it didn’t give you any moisturizing effect. So what??? It did not dries out your lips. This lipstick lasts for long even with eating food. It leaves a tint of color after long time. You have to remove it by makeup remover. And that’s what we want…. Hurrayyyy!!!


Pro’s :-

  • Feels like soft and smooth on the lips.
  • Good coverage for lips.
  • Smudge proof.
  • Brightens our entire look.
  • Did not cause cracks or bleeding on lips.
  • Application is easier.
  • Lasts for long even with eating food.


  • It did not give any moisturizing effect on lips (But I don’t mind that…hi hi…)

I am in love with this lipstick and I would definitely want to try other shades also (that suits my complexion…ahamm….)


Published by Nabeela

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