I always end up on arcade games whenever i think about an outing…. So let me share my favourite ones with you….

Quik drop

This is our all time favourite game…. I don’t know how addicted we are towards Quik drop game…. Whenever we went for playing arcade games in any place, we search for this particular game….

Lets see how to play this….

There are five jars which rotates with time and we have to drop balls into the jars…. If you can catch 50 balls without missing, then you are the winner and you will get the jackpot tickets….

Usually we try to drop 4-5 balls in each jar, then only you can catch upto 50 balls to win the jackpot in the given time….


The sideshow

Lady with the gun… Hi hi… Thats what i feel when i play this game…. You have to set the target of the ducks to get enough tickets…. There are also other target points where we can increase our tickets….


Pop the Lock

This game challenges your concentration power…. You have to hit the yellow spot with the red line, which rotates on both sides…. Inorder to win the jackpot you have to finish that before the timer stops….


Fishbowl Frenzy

I love to view the 3d screen of this game…. It seems like the fish is actually jumping from the bowl….  This game is very simple…. You just have to drop the ball from above and the winner should be decided based on your luck when it drops on the fishbowls below….


What is your favourite arcade game??? Comment it on the box below….


Published by Nabeela

Hey.... Its me, nabeela.... I am trying to find a way to share my observations in my blog.... In my life I had gone through lots of emotional drama that made the way I am now.... so what I have to say is "whenever you get frustrated with your life, just slow down. Things will change eventually. Stay calm and breathe...."

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