Awards are always been an inspiration for everyone…. I am really thankful for my dear friend yeeshahlifestyle blog…. I love her blog posts so much…. My favorite post is “Love wins….” That post melted my heart….

Check out her blog here


7 Facts about me….

  1. My zodiac sign is libra….(Is there any other librians here??? Then reveal it in the comment box below)
  2. I am a music lover….
  3. I wished to be a singer from childhood….(But I never got a chance to join music classes)
  4. I love to make others happy…. That gives me satisfaction….
  5. I get inspired by bold and confident people….
  6. I wanted to be recognized by my talent and character….
  7. I love to be surrounded by people who realize the inner beauty in others rather than their physical appearances….

My nominations:-

Community nap

Roshan singh

SeraJade beauty and lifestyle







Secret life of real estate mom




Peanut gallery247

Nirant gurav


Published by Nabeela

Hey.... Its me, nabeela.... I am trying to find a way to share my observations in my blog.... In my life I had gone through lots of emotional drama that made the way I am now.... so what I have to say is "whenever you get frustrated with your life, just slow down. Things will change eventually. Stay calm and breathe...."

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