I love your songs…. Ananya birla….

Have you checked out the songs of Ananya birla???

Whenever I listen to her songs, I start shaking my head…. Since I am a music lover, I love to hear all types of songs….

If you want to see her magic…. Check out her songs now….

1. Circles….

2. Hold on….

3. Meant to be….

4. Livin’ the life….


So how is it??? Did you liked it.??? Then share your comments below….


Published by Nabeela

Hey.... Its me, nabeela.... I am trying to find a way to share my observations in my blog.... In my life I had gone through lots of emotional drama that made the way I am now.... so what I have to say is "whenever you get frustrated with your life, just slow down. Things will change eventually. Stay calm and breathe...."

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